New Wine Collective

Our strategy

Harnessing technology for a bold new approach to church

Our strategy is to empower people to co-create their own spiritual community wherever they are through an innovative online platform that brings humans together for mutual relationships and collaboration. Our dream is for this platform to become a space where all people, no matter who they are, will be free to create, innovate, and participate in shaping a better future together. We’re excited to share more about the platform’s unique features in our journal entries along the way.

Our work

The work of New Wine Collective is situated at the intersection of technology, spirituality, and community:

A 3-circle venn diagram with the words Technology, Spirituality, and Community

To develop a feature rich online platform that facilitates spiritual community and encourages high participation, creativity, and innovation


To form and promote a love and practice based spirituality that lowers doctrinal barriers and engages all people wherever they are in their journeys


To cultivate a broad network of local micro-communities (groups of 5–25) that meet regularly for mutual relationships, shared spiritual practices, and missional collaboration

A new vision

We’re envisioning a bold new approach to church that:

  • Is not dependent on heavy programming, staffing, or costly infrastructure

  • Is open and accessible to all people, no matter who they are, where they are, or what they believe

  • Flattens hierarchies and empowers people to create and shape their own spiritual communities themselves

  • Decentralizes power and resources so that people can invest more in love, healing, and justice work

  • Integrates with technology and culture, remaining nimble and adaptive to a fast changing world


SP 2020
  • New Wine Collective founded

FA 2020
  • Ideation, fundraising, and Online Forum launch

SP 2021
  • Proof of concept/prototype development

FA 2021
  • Prototype testing and fundraising for Version 1.0

SP 2022
  • Version 1.0 design and development

SP 2023
  • Version 1.0 beta launch!