New Wine Collective

Our team

Eugene Kim

Eugene has been in church ministry for over 25 years. After spending 17 years helping to build a church from a young start up into a large established church with multiple locations, he discerned it was time to step outside the familiar in order to reimagine church and spirituality from the ground up.

Eugene is an ordained minister with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and Master of Divinity degree. He sees his role in New Wine Collective as chief architect and synthesizer of ideas, as well as convener of conversations. He is a connector of dots and systems thinker, but still a pastor at heart. He is passionate about designing a new way of being the Church that offers everyone a place to belong.

Eugene lives in the Greater Boston area with his wife and three children. He’s a recovering workaholic and regrets not having more hobbies, but is working really hard at that.

Mike Chen
Chief Technology Officer

Mike is a software engineer who grew up in the Boston area and has worked at a broad range of companies from startups to larger companies like Airbnb and Google.

Mike grew up as a Christian but has spent the last several years revisiting the spiritual questions he’s had his whole life, trying to separate the helpful from the unhelpful elements of religion. He’s now interested in exploring the intersection between technology, community, and faith.

Mike currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife. In his free time, he enjoys playing music and video games.

Sarah Backe
Project Development Lead

Sarah is a psychologist who grew up in southeastern Virginia and has passed through Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Boston in pursuit of higher education. Along the way, God has invited her to love and be a part of a range of spiritual communities, both within and beyond traditional church walls. She understands church can be a true home for some people and a deeply problematic place for others. Through New Wine Collective, she hopes to help folks from all backgrounds draw closer to God and one another as they co-create spiritual community together.

Sarah lives in greater Raleigh, NC with her college boyfriend (now spouse) and their three young children. She can usually be found with an iced tea in hand and a wish list of books on her phone.

In addition, New Wine Collective is guided by a Board of Directors, and supported by a diverse community of advisors and team members.