New Wine Collective

Our Name & Logo


Jesus said people do not pour new wine into old wineskins… they pour new wine into new wineskins. (Matt. 9:17)

New Wine represents the radically new spirituality Christ embodied that transcended and challenged the religious structures of his day. New wine requires new wineskins– new forms and practices that serve as containers for a new way of relating to God, to one another, and to the world.

A Collective is a group of people working toward a common goal or purpose that does not rely on internal established hierarchies. In a collective, leadership is flexible, shared, and collaborative.


Our logo represents our positioning as a movement occupying “in-between” spaces, on the threshold between the now and the not yet. We are situated as a bridge between spheres— on the inside edge of religion and spirituality, yet accessible and compatible with broader culture. We dwell in the margins of both, where we find common ground and new possibilities of change.

Overlapping circles resembling a Venn diagram represent inclusivity and connection. A secondary symbol is viewed from above as a wine glass without walls, signifying openness and freedom from constraints and unnecessary structures.

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