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What is New Wine Collective?

New Wine Collective is a movement for seekers, skeptics, and spiritual misfits looking for an alternative to traditional forms of organized religion. We’re envisioning a comprehensive and reimagined approach to Church that flattens hierarchies, lowers barriers to entry, and is intentionally minimal in structure. Our mission is to empower people to co-create simple spiritual community wherever they are through an online platform that facilitates local connections and brings humans together for mutual relationships and collaboration for the common good.

New Wine seeks to embody a fresh expression of Christian spirituality that is holistic, radically loving and inclusive, peace and justice oriented, and marked by theological humility.

Jesus said, “people do not pour new wine into old wineskins… they pour new wine into new wineskins.” (Matt. 9:17)

  • New Wine represents the radically new spirituality Christ embodied that transcended and challenged the religious structures of his day. New wine requires new wineskins– new forms and practices that serve as containers for a new way of relating to God, one another, and the world.
  • A Collective is a group of people working toward a common goal or purpose that does not rely on internal established hierarchies. In a collective, leadership is flexible, shared, and collaborative.

Eugene Kim – Founder

Eugene has been a pastoral and organizational leader for over twenty years. After spending the last 17 years helping to build a church from a young start up into a large established church with multiple locations, he discerned a call to step outside what was familiar and pursue launching a new movement that would reimagine the way we do church and spirituality in our world today.

Eugene studied the Bible at Gordon College, got his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and is ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He has deconstructed and reconstructed his faith a few times, but each time has found God to be even bigger and better than what he’s known before. He’s now rediscovering the way of Jesus embodied in simple love and compassion.

Eugene lives in the Greater Boston area with his wife and three children. He’s a recovering workaholic and regrets not having more hobbies, but is working really hard at that.

Mike Chen – Chief Technical Officer

Mike is a software engineer who grew up in the Boston area and has worked at a broad range of companies from startups to larger companies like Airbnb and Google.

Mike grew up as a Christian but has spent the last several years revisiting the spiritual questions he’s had his whole life, trying to separate the helpful from the unhelpful elements of religion. He’s now interested in exploring the intersection between technology, community, and faith.

Mike currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife. In his free time, he enjoys playing music and video games.