New Wine Collective

Our mission

To help heal the world through love and connection by making spiritual community accessible to all.

New Wine Collective is for seekers, skeptics, and spiritual misfits looking for an alternative to traditional forms of organized religion. We’re envisioning a reimagined approach to Church that lowers barriers, flattens hierarchies, and embodies a fresh expression of Christian spirituality that is holistic, radically loving and inclusive, peace and justice oriented, and marked by theological humility.

Values and distinctives

Love, not legalism

The way we treat others is more important to God than being right or belonging to the right group; a love-based ethic that honors the image of God in all people

Curiosity, not certainty

Humility and embracing mystery are better than having all the answers; seeking wisdom and moving beyond binary (either/or) thinking

Empowerment, not hierarchy

Sharing and distributing power, fostering mutual relationships and servant leadership, releasing people to express the full range of their diverse gifts and passions

Compassion, not condemnation

Freedom from shame and blame, holding one another’s humanity with tenderness and acceptance, practicing vulnerability, solidarity, and non-judgment

Inclusion, not exclusion

Imitating a Christ-like preference for those whom society marginalizes and casts aside; living into God’s upside down reality where the first are last and the last are first, and everyone belongs

These values are not set in stone. We’re people on a journey and committed to openness and learning along the way.

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New Wine Collective: White Paper

New Wine Collective: White Paper

People are longing for deeper spiritual and relational connection. We want to do more than just sit and watch church. We want to be seen and heard... Many of us sense there must be a better way of following Jesus in the world and want to participate in shaping that new future in community with others! However, the status quo of top-down consumer-driven Christianity has left many of us feeling dissatisfied, bored, and burnt out — or simply, left out.